Peppa Pig


2-piece set


Our unique design attaches the mask to buttons on the headband to alleviate discomfort and pressure on your child’s ears. This design also allows you to adjust your child’s mask to ensure the perfect fit.

The set offers cute & fun wearable protective gear for back to school, daycares, playdates, church, celebrations, holidays, social gatherings, and any other out of the home activities.

  • Gently Washable. All fabrics are prewashed with hypoallergenic dye-free detergent
  • Recommended for 3-8 year olds
  • Height: approximately 4.5 inches from nose to chin. Length: approximately 6.5-7 inches ear to ear

Note: Elastic color may vary between black and white. Frog comes with headband and mask only.

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